Fandor's guest landing page test

Role: UX | Visual Design

Goal: Design and test how users understand Fandor's value proposition and if the message is being communicated effectively.


What did we test?

5 seconds test of our current and new guest homepage designs.

Get first impression of our new guest homepage design in 5 seconds. 
Fine tune our new design and calls to action by analyzing the most prominent elements. 

Who did we test?
Primary target audience of the new guest homepage: Brand new users.

What is 5 second test?
Most visitors spend fewer than 10 to 15 seconds on websites. Five second tests help us understand people’s first impressions of our web page designs. By finding out what a person recalls about our web page design in just 5 seconds we can ensure that our message is being communicated as effectively as possible. 

How did we conduct the test?
We uploaded a screenshot of our current and new guest homepage designs. 
Testers had five seconds to view the mockup and answer following questions:
* What do you think this page was about?
* Did the brand appear trust worthy?
* Which element on the page did you focus on most?